Is it bad to be a little insane?

A lot of people tell me that what I major in, what I dream to be, and my future life plans are all crazy. "You'll never make money doing that." "Do you know how small your chances are?" "Have you really planned this out?" Blah, blah, blah. Yes, people, I know all the pessimism that is out there. I get it. My monetary situation isn't planned out. So?

Did God not mass produce hundreds of fish and bread? By doubting my ability to survive, you are doubting the power of God. I am following the plans--the passions-- that He has instilled in me, and will, therefore, not worry. Of course, budgets need to be made and plans need to be set in order to keep one's head on straight, but I will not worry when it comes to things of this world. The Lord has a plan for my life and He will not let me fail. I will do what I'm meant to do when I'm meant to do it. Simple as that.

This isn't all about me. There are so many people out there who give up on their dreams because it's hard, or because people told them they had no chance. Now, unless you extremely suck at it, there is no reason to give up. More than dreams, people give up on themselves. They lose faith that there is something perfect out there for them, and they settle with whatever comes first. Sometimes being patient can pay off more than we can fathom.

All I'm trying to say is to never give up on yourself. Whether it's your life dream, relationship status, or confidence, just be proud of who you are. You are someone's "the one." The one person who can help the business. The one person who can sell the product. The one person to start a family. But if you don't believe that you are, then neither will they.

I'm horrible at pep talks, but, basically, sometimes being a little crazy isn't so bad.


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