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Why I Don't Mind Being Poor

     I have been waiting for five days to go grocery shopping, but I can't. Aside from a $35 run to Kroger to get the essentials, I must wait for my paycheck to come through before I can shop for real. Luckily, Ramen, mac 'n' cheese, and Pasta Roni are all cheap and last forever. My diet? Yeah, that'll have to wait until I can afford to eat like that. However, I did buy a $0.99 head of lettuce. That counts, right?       I do not make below poverty line and I am no longer working in retail, but my paycheck still isn't what I thought it would be by the time I was 23. I struggle. But I'm strong. And, for all intents and purposes, I'm poor. Not homeless or unemployed, but good 'ol under-paid-working-american poor.          This morning at work, a new co-worker told me that he asked our boss to hold his paycheck for the month of December so he could "suck out every last cent of his unemployment check" for the month. That made me sick. No

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