All I wanna do is travel, shoot, and be happy.

Recently, I was searching through my pictures from 2009, and I stumbled upon these. For an amateur at the time, I daresay these aren't terrible. But that got me thinking: while I continually search for jobs and rack my brain (and my resume) for more information, I realized why no job sounds good to me. I realized that I have already done what I want to do with my life, and I feel no need to go back. All I want to do is travel, take pictures, and enjoy my life. The same thing I've been doing for the past 22 years of my life. (Well, the picture taking happened a little later down the road). 

But for real, I hate the pressure of finding a 9-5 job that's going to make me want to hang myself in the bathroom. Everybody keeps telling me to send resumes to everybody I know until I get a job. Don't get me wrong, paying rent is great, but it means nothing if I'm not happy. Many things in life make me happy. On the other hand, few things make me unhappy. But among those few things, a "desk job" is high on the list. I don't care about the "real" world; I like my world. Getting a "real" job means nothing to me. I see my parents, and I appreciate the high standard of living they have set for me, but I also see how stressed mom is at work, and how dad loves coming home early whenever he can. I see their unhappiness. I don't want that. I love traveling with them (for many reasons), but I mainly love it because they are away from their jobs. They don't feel labeled by their career. And they can let loose. They can kiss at sunset overlooking the Gulf of Mexico and not worry about whether a contract is getting signed or not. 

I know I'll probably hate my job for a few years before I can afford to freelance full time. But maybe not. I'm not trying to be unrealistic, but there IS a choice to freelance full-time straight out of college, so why not take it while I can? A lot has been on my mind lately: about school, life, my future, etc. And the one thing I have decide for sure: I'm going to do what makes me happy. Simple as that. 


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