Make Coffee; Not War.

We all hear that communication is key in a relationship, and isn't hate a feeling? Not that I advocate hating, but it is still an emotion. So, whether we like it or not, that bonds us into a relationship. No matter what kind. Therefore, communication is still key.

Now, i am not a lunatic who thinks a tall bold is going to save the world. (It would at least have to be a venti!) I'm just saying that, when you think about it, how quickly do we react to something without digging deeper? One thing that journalism taught me is that there is always more to the story. There are about a million "Why?"s that you go through until you have the actual story. Now, when you hear that he said this about her and whatnot, ask "why?" Go from secondhand source to secondhand source until you find the root. Ask one final, "why?" and there will lie the truth.

The Lord tells us not to be quick to anger. Easy enough, right? Hardly. Some immature pre-teen is driving you crazy because he won't settle down and shut up. You grit your teeth and try to ignore him. Your heart is angry, but if you do not show it, we feel like we are being obedient to the Lord. You eventually get him to hold conversation just to find out that his parents are going through a divorce. Bam. There is always more to the story.

All in all, I just want to remind everyone not to judge. It is easy to judge a large person for not staying healthy, or a poor person for not working hard enough, but there is always a reason. Not an excuse: a reason. Only when you show your love for the person will they let you into their core.

Be kind. Love. Show compassion. Make coffee; not war.


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