May the Force Live Long and Prosper

I came to the conclusion that my inner thoughts aren't battling each other, but rather awkwardly co-existing in an unnatural habitat. This is the best description I can give:

My every day, normal thoughts are like Captain Kirk and the crew kinda chilling and going about their every day business. As Kirk walks into command control, he sees that Luke Skywalker has taken over. The two attempt to peacefully both be in control. Not that the they are polar opposites, but they are definitely not very similar either.

That's what happens when I try to analyze a situation. Kirk is saying one thing while Luke is saying another. They don't argue, yell, or contradict each other. It's more like they both present valid arguments that sound right and I never know what to do.

So, welcome to my head: The USS Enterprise flown by Luke Skywalker.


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