Things My Parents Taught Me About Life:

There was a time in my life when I was amazed by everything my parents could do because it all seemed so cool to me as a little kid. Then, there came a time when they were holding me back and not allowing me to follow my impulses, which angered me as a moody teenager. But, finally, there has come a time when I can look back and genuinely be thankful for all the things my parents have taught me. In order to not write an entire novel, I'm just going to focus on two of my favorites.
First, and most important, they taught me what it means to love and follow a God who gives them the perfect example to live by. Through them following God's decisions and direction, they have taught me how to make and maintain a beautiful marriage. They showed me that it's more important to marry my best friend than to marry for money or security. My husband should want to go on adventures with me and learn things with me. Together, we should have fun no matter what we're doing and we should appreciate everything we have because we don't really deserve it at all. My husband needs to be a man who builds me up, someone who is different than I am and has the patience to deal with me. Together, our differences compliment each other and we are able to have fun and enjoy everything we do.
Also, they taught me how to live life. How to handle money, a job, a car, bills, unexpected life situations, stress, financial hardships, and everything else life includes. By watching them work together well and figure out all of these things, I saw how two people in love (through God) can handle anything the world throws at them. Their pasts don't matter and their faults are irrelevant: when it comes down to it, their ability to work through anything and everything is amazing to me. Now a days, people so easily think something is too hard and they give up; they flee from conflict. But, when you know that you're with the only person in the world that you want to wake up next to every day, leaving is not an option, and that makes any problem seem miniscule. At the end of the day, even if they lost all material things, they realize that they have the greatest love (God's) and they also have each other's, which trumps everything else the world can offer. Basically, my parents taught me the true meaning of "a chord of three strands is not easily broken." 

\So, padres, thank you. I know I'm a lot to handle, but your patience and love has paid off. I promise. See you both in a few days :) 


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