Some People Call Me High Maintenance

In the background of my mind lies the muffled insults society claws into my brain. I'm too fat. I'm too ugly. I want too much. I just need to be happy. I'm weird. No one will ever love me. I need this; I need that. Blah, blah, blah...

The way I see it: I just know what I want. I don't want shiny shoes or a fancy car that looks sweet and drives like crap. I don't want Prince Charming and I really don't want popular kids.

I want a real, genuine life. Is that too much to ask?

I want a man to love me, not "despite" the fact that I'm fat, but because, to him, I honestly am perfect. I want a comfortable home that is filled with happiness and love. I want to take care of my husband and raise compassionate children. I want to shield them from the dangers of the world, but not leave them naive like I am. I want to work doing what I love, and retire still doing it. I want a beautiful wedding with the man of my dreams. I want to be happy in life and feel secure. I want people to be blunt with me in a loving way, and I want them to forgive my mistakes. I want to learn from my past and never repeat the bad stuff. I want to make my husband's life better each day by encouraging him, respecting him, and satisfying him in every aspect. Most importantly, I want people to see me and immediately know something's different about me. I want them to see me as a kind soul and a loving person. Through this, I will share God's love.

I'm human. I make mistakes and I am by no means perfect (just ask the boyfriend). But I do love someone who IS perfect, and I have my man to lead me back to God when I lose my way. This post isn't about my faith; it's about the fact that I will not shove my beliefs down your throat.

Yes, of course I think my "religion" is the right one. So do Jews, and Buddhists, and Muslims. Everyone does. That's the point. I don't care if you're atheist, agnostic, Hindu, whatever. You are human. Gay, straight, bisexual, asexual... I LOVE ALL OF YOU. I may not know most of you (but it would be nice to meet if you want), but I don't care. If you are walking on this Earth, then I love you. You have your dreams, and I have mine. Instead of hating one another because we're different, let's embrace it and make the world a better place through it.

Now I sound like a hippie. All I'm saying is that I don't care what society says about you BECAUSE THEY ARE WRONG. They are wrong about me and they are wrong about you.


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