I'm So Glad I Don't Have to Deal with That Anymore

There comes a time when even the strongest woman breaks down. She feels lonely, ugly, useless, lost, helpless... It's pretty bad and she will start to think that she will be alone forever. She will lower her standards and fall for any nice guy that comes her way. It is a dark time and it's something nobody ever speaks about. We hide it.

However, depending on the woman, that time might last a week or two years; it always depends. Apparently the girls on Tumblr seem to think they will "never, ever" find a man. It's annoying to me. It's frustrating to see so many young ladies whine and complain that their "prince charming" hasn't come yet. Be patient. He will be worth it. Ladies, all of you are beautiful and wonderful in your own way. There is a man out there who will love you for who you are and love your every imperfection.

For me, that man has already come. Not to get ahead of myself, but I wanna keep this one forever. Of course I have felt ugly and lonely. I've dated people before and fallen for the nicest boy I could find. But it wasn't enough. Something was always missing. There was something deep down that told me that it wasn't right. But then he found me. Yes, we have our problems. We fight and yell and get frustrated with each other, but who cares. No matter what, we are there for each other. We are madly in love and there is nothing that could pull me from him. I would do anything for him, no matter what. He's crossing an ocean for me. I'd say that's big. He visits me whenever he can and he makes me feel so amazing. With him, I feel confident, happy, safe, loved, comfortable... it's perfect.

He's my best friend. He will be silly with me, cook with me, call me when I'm crying, and hug me when I'm upset. I'm not perfect and neither is he. But, we're perfect together. It doesn't matter if I'm happy, sad, mad, or crazy, when I'm with him, I'm happy. I could be ugly crying and babbling uncontrollably, but if he's there, then I know everything will be okay.

He's brilliant, talented, funny, sweet, crazy, manly, goofy... mine. He's all mine. I'm not one of those girls to date a guy and plan my entire life around any new guy in my life, but he's different. I *want* him in my life. And he wants me. It's amazing. Living alone doesn't make sense. Why would I NOT live with the man I love?! I could curl up on the couch with coffee and a good book and know I'm safe and happy with him there beside me.

I'm rambling. Sorry. Well, screw that. It's my blog and I'll ramble about him if I want to. But, to anyone reading this, just don't lose hope. Love yourself for who you are. Embrace your quirks, hobbies, obsessions, and never change for someone else. Better yet, never try to change anyone else either. Simply love them for who they are. The good and the bad. Respect his fears, dreams, and desires. Be there for him the way you want him to be there for you. Don't set him up for failure. Be honest, blunt, and open.

I just love him so much :)


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