Happy Anniversary, Babe.

I know there will come a day when time isn't counted in months, but in years and decades. But for now, each month together is still a special kind of accomplishment. Each month we learn things about each other, we fight, we laugh, we cry (well- I do haha), and we grow closer in little ways. This day doesn't mean anything to anybody else, but it means the world to us. Even when we can't spend it together, he is always in my heart and on my mind. No matter how many little fights we have or how busy I am with school, there is never a moment where I wish he wasn't beside me.

I know nobody will read this and that this post basically has no meaning, but that's fine. I didn't want another long, sappy post about how amazing Ian is or how much I love him because sometimes a little can say a lot. So, happy anniversary. I love you.

He's gonna hate me for this, but isn't he so cute?! :D


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