There is nothing special about you without Him

It may sound harsh, but when I heard someone tell me this at church, it struck me. It's so true. Without God, I am just a sinning waste of breath. Yes, one He loves and changed to be more like Him, but still. I'm the kind of person who needs a metaphorical slap in the face to get a point. Something like that, something telling me that God is the ONLY reason I have a purpose and the only purpose I have.

When you think about all the things that make you sad and all the reasons you have to be upset, it is easy to think of life as lame, pointless, or stupid. But, look at is through the eyes of a parent. As someone who loves you. It's not that certain events aren't good for you or that they are never meant to happen, it's just that there are certain times for certain things. There is no reason to cry or moan about life when you aren't even the one writing it. 

As a creative writer, it is easy to write and create worlds that are "perfect." However, when writing the book, I know how it is going to end. But to the reader, they only see the event at that time. They are on that page, in that situation, and they don't know what is going to happen.. I think God does the same for us. We so quickly think "UGH I can't believe that happened! I give up!" and we throw down the book and completely abandon it to be abducted by icky spiders. But He, the author of our book, is holding us close whispering in our ear, "child, pick it back up. Keep reading. The story isn't meant to end here. Keep reading. Trust me, there is more." 

Will you?

Will you pick the book back up and keep reading while knowing you cannot skip pages? 

Will you trust Him that the story gets better while you are currently in a part of despair? 

Why is it so hard for us to trust Him when we have no idea what is going to happen anyway? He knows what my future holds and I do not. Therefore, there is no comprehensible reason why I think I am in control of my life when I don't even know what I'm wearing tomorrow. It's funny to think how we can "play" God in our lives. I never try to "play" mommy to myself, or "play" daddy when I want something. Because I am not them and I don't know what they know.

Am I the only naive child here who goes with the impulses of human flesh? It is hard for me to stop myself from wanting certain things even though I know they are bad. No, nothing like drugs or alcohol, but human things like love and money. I do my best to focus on what God would have me focus on, but it is too easy to get distracted in this world. I have to keep my focus forward and just love like God loved and live like God lived. 

I'm not really sure what the point of this blog is, but I know there is a reason I wrote it. Basically, without Him, I am nothing. And, you know... I'm perfectly content with that. 


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