Dreams only last for a night.

I woke up to rain, walked to class in a t-shirt, and left java city in a blizzard. Today's weather made me want to be back in the north! Well, in a city. It brought me back to the days in Chicago when I'd have to fight feet of snow just to get to the car. It made me wish to be in Nashville trying to survive as a starving artist. It made me think about my future. 

I don't know why, but whenever I think about my future, I want to be out of college. Not that I don't love it here and not to sound ungrateful, but I want to be out in the world doing what I love. There is still some preparation work that I need to do before I'm ready, but I just want to GO! I want to go out into the world and do what I want to do! 

There is a reason I'm where I am and there is a reason I have another two years here, but I can't help but want to be out. At the same time, it makes me sad to think of my life without my friends. Without a significant other, they're all I have up here. My family is far away, but I know that they would be here for me at any time. I mean, I still feel lonely, but they are right there by my side. 

Which is why Kathryn and I (well, I can't speak for you, girl, but I hope you agree!) want to start small and live in Nashville. We will have someone going through the same pain. We can suffer together. We can get our foot in the door and still feel at home, all at the same time. Or we can just move to Vancouver; I'm down with that, too ;) 

Anyway, to those of you reading this, I'm sorry. I'm just babbling. To summarize: I want to get on with my life. I want to make my dreams into my reality and leave dreaming to those without desire. 


  1. i don't know how i feel about vancouver yet, but starting in nashville is awesome! i'm game!


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