I'm sick of people sitting idly by while the world slips between their fingers.

To avoid sounding mad, I'm going to stay as vague as possible. However, as the title states, I'm sick of people doing nothing. I feel like I know so many people with such potential, such charisma but they just sit around wasting their lives. You cannot blame alcohol, drugs, men/woman, psychological mindsets, etc for your lack of motivation. 

The most annoying thing to me is seeing someone with all the potential in the world yet they don't expand on it. If you're good at something, that's a great first step, but life can't end there. Take that first step and run with it! One bad situation or feeling shouldn't be enough to alter your mindset completely or stop you from doing what you want.

Another thing is when friends get all hot and heated about something that doesn't matter. People now-a-days take everything so personally. Someone will hang out with you one day, and then hate you the next, never speaking to you again because of one instance. It takes time to get to know someone; things aren't meant to come easily. It's those that are worth the effort that you know will make a difference in your life. But giving up is never good, either. You never know how much that person needs you in their life even if you don't want them in yours. 

Honestly, I have no idea what this post is about. I just don't like wasted potential or irrational blowups. It seems a lot of these recently have crossed my path and it's getting harder and harder to love people who are trying so hard to push others away. 


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