Keep your hopes up high and your head down low.

This blog post is designed for my dear friend Amber. However, it applies to most single girls, so read it if you want.

The other day I stayed over at your house and we had an amazing, deep conversation about love, life, and boys. During this talk, you said that my boyfriend "treats me like a goddess." I had to think about this for a second, but I agreed. I knew he was amazing, but I didn't realize how obvious that was to everyone else. I'm not here to brag, but rather to encourage. I was like you not too long ago. I wanted someone to love me and treat me right. I longed for a man who loved God more than he loved me; for a man willing to make sacrifices to make me belong to him. I desired a man I could love and respect. But I was not patient. I tried to find this man by myself and I would almost beg God for this one to "be the one." Once, I literally asked God this: "I don't know if he's who I'm supposed to be with, but can you make it him?" Thank God that He didn't listen to me. I would be miserable right now. I didn't realize what I was asking, but I was too impatient to wait for someone worthy of me, and God knew that. Now, my prayer has changed. I hope this one is the one, but I will always trust God and accept His will for me. We may have free will, but it is not our will that matters in the long run. I simply pray that I can glorify God with my relationship and that together we can build each other up and reflect the love that was graciously given to us.

Baby doll, there are plenty of great men out there, but don't seek him. When you least expect it, he will come into your life. The wait is worth it. All the crying and begging and lonely nights will seem as if they were nothing. As if they never happened. You will find a man who will never want to hurt you and who is sad that you have been hurt in the past. He will make waiting seem like it was nothing.

I know you know this stuff, but I wanted to remind you to be patient. Maybe you're talking to the man you're gonna marry, and maybe you aren't. But, regardless, always remember how valuable you are to God and how much you are loved in His eyes. If a man can't see your true heart and love you despite your faults, then he's not worthy of you. Stay true to yourself and you will never be disappointed. Focus on making God happy, and I guarantee your life will play out how it's supposed to. I'm not saying it'll be easy or fun, but it WILL be worth it to find your own man to treat you like a goddess.

I'm rambling, but I love you. You've come so far in your life and I wanna see you keep progressing. I wanna see your health increase and your life be overflowing with love and joy. I know you have the power to quit smoking because you have God. I wanna see you use that strength. I wanna see your self-worth reject guys that refuse to grow up. I'll always be there for you, and I'll always support you.

I'm proud of what you've done lately. This "new woman" feeling is a good sign. You're wonderful and I love you.



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